People Development

A recruitment business is not just about people. Our view is that it’s only about people!

No matter how original or insightful your growth strategies may be, none of them can work unless the people around you have the capability, the attitudes and the emotional intelligence needed.

It’s why people development always has been, and always will be, central to the BlueInk approach. BlueInk has a pragmatic, practical and down-to-earth way of working with people which quickly gets to the heart of the challenges facing each individual in each role.

Through one-to-one coaching we help employees develop new skills and, more fundamentally, new ways of thinking – shining a light on the emotional intelligence aspect which, in our experience is what so often separates the outstanding recruiter from the workaday recruiter. Live in-call listening and coaching sessions, for example, develop critical skills on a practical and day-to-day level which can transform a consultant's capability and improve overall performance.

Our specialist mentors support people over the longer term by observing and offering insightful and objective feedback. Whether they are looking to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes or habits, our aim is to help individuals bring their own answers to the surface.

And being a 100% recruitment sector specialist, we have also developed a range of superior training and development programmes designed to improve levels of specific recruitment sector skills (such as business development and sales methods for individuals or teams).

An innate ability to engage with individuals whilst assessing their skillset and devising a bespoke training course in order to meet particular needs

help and advice

Independent Advice

BlueInk is an independent business advisory firm offering a comprehensive portfolio of services designed to help you transform the value of your recruitment business.

our clients

Our Clients

Our clients are the owners, investors and managers of boutique and SME recruitment companies (typically privately owned with annual turnovers ranging from £0.5 to £5million.

working together

Working Together

Working together we improve performance, overcome seemingly intractable challenges and maximise shareholder value.

commitment and expertise

Commitment & Expertise

We succeed through a combination of commitment, expertise, proven processes and a 100% focus on the specific needs and demands of the recruitment sector.