About Us

Effective leadership and management is the cornerstone of business growth, so naturally a great deal of BlueInk’s work is conducted alongside business owners, boards and senior teams.

Our work to boost both leadership and management effectiveness (and of course these are far from being the same thing) falls into two categories.

First, our consultants often work directly alongside the existing management teams by taking on an interim management or Non Executive Director role. This allows them to build the deep relationships and understanding required to effect genuine transformation.

Second, we provide support, advice and mentoring to individual owners or members of the board / management team, in order to help individuals to unlock their leadership potential and build essential and rounded management capability.

BlueInk has completely transformed the business into a robust proposition built on a solid team of consultants and researchers

help and advice

Independent Advice

BlueInk is an independent business advisory firm offering a comprehensive portfolio of services designed to help you transform the value of your recruitment business.

our clients

Our Clients

Our clients are the owners, investors and managers of boutique and SME recruitment companies (typically privately owned with annual turnovers ranging from £0.5 to £5million.

working together

Working Together

Working together we improve performance, overcome seemingly intractable challenges and maximise shareholder value.

commitment and expertise

Commitment & Expertise

We succeed through a combination of commitment, expertise, proven processes and a 100% focus on the specific needs and demands of the recruitment sector.