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Bespoke Recruiter Coaching and Mentoring

The biggest asset of any recruitment business is its people! Regardless of how original or insightful you believe your growth ambitions may be, none of them can be realised unless the people around you have competent levels of capability to able to execute your growth strategy

Through one-to-one performance coaching, we support recruitment professionals to develop new skills but, more fundamentally, new ways of thinking – shining a light on the emotional intelligence capacity which, in our experience is what so often separates an outstanding recruiter from the workaday recruiter. Live in-call listening coaching sessions provide the opportunity for accelerated performance, equipping recruiters to speedily develop broader, and at times dormant areas in a closed and “safe” environment. These sessions are designed to support a step-change in business output, culminating in an improvement in overall financial performance.

BlueInk’s specialist recruitment mentors support people over the longer term by observing and offering insightful and objective feedback. Whether they are looking to develop recruitment knowledge, skills, attitudes or habits, the key aims of our intervention is to guide, challenge and equip individuals to efficiently resolve time-sensitive issues, or maximise opportunities whilst avoiding typical and often camouflaged risk.

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