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Client Testimonials

Ahmed Namir

Agency Managing Partner - Egypt

BlueInk are recruitment industry experts who know how to help build up and scale up recruitment businesses to the next level. Their expertise covers both the strategic aspect of the business as well as the operational side. Working with them as growth advisors adds real value. They are easy going, very logical, and have a structured way of thinking. It’s a real pleasure working with BlueInk.

Rebecca Thomas

Agency Owner - UK

The Blueink team has played a huge role in the success and growth of the Pitch team, they’ve been invaluable advisors, supporters, and champions of our business.
Skilled, professional and knowledge able they can help you navigate a range of business challenges enabling you to find the best solutions for your business or situation. Their approach upskills and develops you, allowing you to make better decisions not just now but in the future, ultimately they make you better at your job – what more could you hope for?!


Pauline McGuirk

Agency MD - UK

I highly recommend BlueInk as they have been over the many years a dedicated professional partner that consistently demonstrates exceptional skills and expertise. They have a proven track record of success and always willing to go above and beyond to support and deliver outstanding results. Their strong work ethic, attention to detail and excellent communication skills make them a valuable asset to have as a Board member.

Colin White

Agency Owner - UK

Omar and I have a shared background having both learned our trade at MRI Worldwide so I was already confident he would be excellent at asking good questions before our session. He really helped me to dig deeper into the business reasoning behind decisions that need to be taken and helped with aspects of strategy and direction as well as independent career counselling for others who work with me. I heartily recommend BlueInk to anyone who would appreciate an objective and challenging discussion to clear some of the wood from the trees.

Andrea Varga

Agency Leader - Hungary

Omar is an excellent HR professional with outstanding coaching and networking skills.
Besides his 20+ years of experience in recruitment related issues, he has strong business development skills, professionalism, integrity, and work ethic, he is also a helpful and empathetic person to work with. He always takes a human approach to resolve any kind of HR related project. He is such an inspiration for me, and I feel proud to know him personally.

Martyn Holme

Agency CEO - UK

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Omar for the past 6 months and since then, my business has gone from strength to strength. We have implemented some new processes, structure and put a strategy in place for growth. The culture is rapidly changing into a high performance culture and I can’t thank Omar enough for helping me with these changes. Besides the business help, he is also a great coach who I am learning from each day. Would definitely recommend Omar if you are a recruitment business owner looking to scale your business.
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