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What if the problem is you?

That it be in the initial stages of start-up or several years down the line, your business can find itself dealing with challenges that appear seemingly unsurmountable.


We all know that the recruitment sector has faced an onslaught of external factors over the last few years. From Covid, Lockdown, questionable Prime Ministers, a struggling economy to a change in work pattern and client demands.


But not all have felt these factors in the same way.


In my opinion, when the external pressure is on, the cracks within internal drivers will appear, and grow. And if you're sat in an Owner/Manager role, it can be difficult to separate the wood from the trees at the best of times. So, feeling stuck or starting to doubt your decisions is not uncommon.


Having previously sat on the other side of the table as a business owner welcoming in an external consultant to help through transformation, I appreciate the level of trust it takes to open not only your business to scrutiny but also yourself. The wise saying to take feedback “seriously but not personally” is easier said than done.


Business owners invest a great deal of blood, sweat and tears into their business that it can be an uncomfortable place when it is examined, in fine detail.


At times, it might feel like you’ve got it all wrong - far from it. You may struggle to believe the consultant who has been in your business for a matter of weeks would know better than you – also not accurate. This goes beyond “right or wrong”.


What external support offers first and foremost, is perspective. A vantage point that an Owner/Manager simply doesn’t have. Being an owner is often lonely and the excess number of daily decisions needed can easily lead even the most experienced to make snap decisions based on day-to-day minutia, which can quickly make you to lose track of the company vision. Having the input of an independent and objective party, will highlight this.


As most UK recruitment agencies are sub 20 employees, I would argue that culture, best practice and performance management starts with you, the owner. As a Managing Consultant at BlueInk, this is one of the first aspects we address when beginning a new partnership: guiding the leaders to a place where they welcome coaching and mentoring to begin to adjust aspects of their own attitudes and behaviours, necessary to unlock the full potential of their business.


In my experience, those committed enough to business objectives coupled with possessing an appetite for self-development, will see their leadership and business performance thrive rapidly.


Those shut off to holding up the mirror will sadly slow down, if not entirely prevent business growth.


It really isn’t as clear cut as being right or wrong, but possessing the bandwidth, experience, patience and perspective to make the right decision for the business. In my opinion, this is one of the attributes which defines a great entrepreneur.


The great thing about working on yourself is you are in full control. And with the right guidance, change can arrive fast.

Change is exciting!

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