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Training, NED, coaching, advice….what does my business need?

Updated: Apr 10

In the UK, the £43bn recruitment agency market is predominantly comprised of small firms, research shows that around 80% having fewer than 20 employees.


Many of these micro businesses possess promising potential for growth yet face complex challenges in scaling. Despite numerous self-proclaimed experts on platforms such as LinkedIn offering quick-fix solutions akin to the hype surrounding cryptocurrency, the reality of scaling a recruitment business is, in our experience a little more intricate.


Established in 2004, BlueInk is the UK’s longest-serving management consultancy specialising in the recruitment sector.


Through our experience, we've found that a recruitment business achieves optimal performance when it adopts effective strategies addressing both internal and external factors. Our approach begins with thorough diagnostics, meticulously examining vital areas such as people, finance, sales, and operations. Once we grasp the nuances, we collaborate to crystallise a business vision, devise a tailored strategy, and craft an actionable plan. We then engage with all stakeholders to ensure seamless implementation, offering a blend of coaching, mentoring, training, and advisory services.


We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach and treat each project on a case by case basis, focusing on a bespoke and objective mentality to unlock your business’s full potential.

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