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Why Is Culture So Important?

Everything we do and, or say either strengthens, or dilutes our culture – remaining mindful of the impact our actions have on it is a good starting point!

Let’s begin by understanding what it is.

We describe culture simply as “the way things are done” it’s a topic which is often present in conversations I have with company owners, managers, and fee earners. During one particular coaching session, I used a brick wall as an example.

What relationship does a brick wall have with culture?

Well, in our view culture should be as obvious as a brick wall in every business. Developing talent is one route to improved performance, but if the culture isn’t shaped well enough, then performance will undoubtedly suffer.

Yes, culture covers “we are a friendly bunch here at XYZ Recruitment”, or “we have dress down day each Friday”, but it also goes a great deal further.

Culture also describes the way an organisation does some of the following:

  • The way it leads

  • The way it manages

  • The way it communicates

  • The way it plans

  • The way it disciplines

  • The way it drives performance

  • The way it develops talent

  • The way it recognises and rewards

In our view shaping the right culture, and educating others to the crucial role it plays in delivering growth should be central to all discussions, at all levels within the business.

Is your culture as obvious as a brick wall?

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